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What is Sterling Silver?

Posted on May 01 2019

925 Sterling silver hallmarkSterling silver is an alloy that consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.  
Pure silver, known as fine silver, is very soft and easily damaged when worn. The addition of copper hardens the silver and increases durability. For this reason, sterling silver is the standard for silver jewellery.
Also known as 925 silver, sterling silver has a beautiful finish that can reach a mirror polish. It can also be oxidised (blackened) with sulfur.

Half-round sterling silver ring


Over time, sterling silver will tarnish. This is a natural process that occurs as sterling silver is exposed to the air. In order to prevent tarnish - or remove it once it has occurred - simply polish regularly with a silver polishing cloth.
Wearing your jewellery is the best way to prevent tarnish occurring.


Sterling silver should not be worn in the swimming pool or exposed to chemicals, especially bleach.