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The importance of handmade

Posted on July 03 2016

A set of 5 handmade sterling silver stacking rings by Rebecca CordingleyI’m a big proponent of buying handmade whenever possible – not just for the sake of the creator but for ethical and environmental reasons, too. I find that people who make things by hand are often interested in the origins of their materials and concerned about the impact their work might have on others and the world. Some materials cannot be obtained as ethically as I would like and that’s a conflict I often find myself thinking about as I’m working. I use recycled/reclaimed materials whenever possible and I always try to make my jewellery from 100% recycled sterling silver.


I also think handmade objects are inherently more interesting than mass-produced items. They’re never perfect but their imperfections make them unique and remind the owner that a real person put time and knowledge into creating their piece. I like knowing that the things I own are one of a kind.

My love for art and craft is fairly selfish – I get a great sense of satisfaction from the process of turning a pile of raw materials into something (hopefully) beautiful and/or useful.