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Hammered Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet



A beautiful hammered sterling silver cuff bracelet, available in sizes to fit women, men and children. This cuff bracelet can also be made in gold - please contact me for a quote if you are interested.

It is made of sturdy 1.3mm (16g) thick sterling silver and is 1/2 inch (~12-13mm) wide.

This cuff bracelet has a highly polished finish.

As with all my silver jewellery, it is made of 100% recycled sterling silver.



 There are various size options available, including sizes for women, men and children. I am also happy to take orders for different lengths. Please contact me for a custom order. 

To determine your size, please measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure or piece of paper. If the circumference of your wrist is 6", a 6" cuff bracelet should be a loose fit. If you would prefer a snug fit, most people find that 1/2" smaller is the correct size, ie a 5 1/2" cuff bracelet for a 6" wrist.

They are made from 100% recycled sterling silver.

Please note these bracelets are made to order. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your bracelet to be made.

My sterling silver jewellery is handmade in my studio in Adelaide, South Australia.