Oxidised and Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle

Rebecca Cordingley


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This is a unisex, oxidized sterling silver bangle made from beautiful 2mm thick material. The weight of this material makes the bracelet very strong. This cuff bracelet will suit both men and women.

The ends of the cuff have been hammered into a flared/splayed shape and the bangle in the photos has a satin, oxidised finish but it is also available with a satin, non-oxidised finish or shiny, non-oxidised finish.

Oxidation is the process of colouring and ultimately blackening silver through exposure to sulfur. The bracelet is dipped in a diluted substance called Liver of Sulfur until the desired colour has been achieved. A lot of the black oxidation is then removed through sanding.


There are various size options available, including sizes for women, men and children. I am also happy to take orders for different lengths. Please contact me for a custom order.
To determine your size, please measure your wrist where the cuff bracelet will sit. This will be the length of the silver. There will also be a gap of approximately 1", which will ensure the bangle does not sit tightly against your wrist.

The cuff has a slight flexibility to allow you to fit it to your own wrist once it is on.

It is a thin cuff, measuring 5mm across and approximately 9mm at the hammered ends. The ends are slightly under 1mm thick.

It is made from 100% recycled sterling silver.

Please note this bracelet is made to order. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your bracelet to be created.

This bracelet is available for wholesale/bulk orders. Please contact me to discuss pricing.

My sterling silver jewellery is handmade in my studio in Adelaide, South Australia.