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Rustic Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Cuff Bracelet



A 23mm wide sterling silver & 14k gold cuff bracelet that will fit a 6-6.5" circumference wrist. 

This cuff bracelet is slightly under 1" wide (23mm), 6" long and 1.2mm thick. The sterling silver has been reticulated, a process that involves repeatedly heating and quenching the silver and creates unique textures on the surface. 

The top is decorated with 3 small balls of solid 14k gold. 

The silver has been oxidised (blackened) to best show the texture created by the reticulation process.

+ D E T A I L S +

* 23mm wide
* 6" long
* 1.2mm thick (the thickness varies slightly due to the reticulated texture)
* this cuff bracelet will be a loose fit on a 6" wrist or a snug fit on a 6.5" wrist
* it has a slight flexibility to allow you to fit it to your own wrist
* the sterling silver and 14k gold used in this cuff bracelet are 100% recycled
* the ends are rounded for comfort
* please contact me if you would like to arrange engraving. I am happy to provide a quote.

+ S I Z I N G +

To determine your size, measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure or piece of paper. If the circumference of your wrist is 6", a 6" cuff bracelet should be a loose fit. If you would prefer a snug fit, most people find that 1/2" smaller is the correct size, ie a 5 1/2" cuff bracelet for a 6" wrist.

This cuff bracelet is 6" long and will be a loose fit on a 6" wrist or a snug fit on a 6.5" cuff.

My sterling silver and gold jewellery is handmade in my studio in Adelaide, South Australia.