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Sterling Silver Bee Ring



A wide band ring topped with a sterling silver bee. 

The bee was originally a button, which I have had cast in sterling silver. The bee measures 26mm (~1") from wing to wing and approximately 20mm from top to bottom. 

The ring band is 6mm wide and 1.2mm thick. If you would prefer a different size ring, I am happy to take custom orders

The ring shown in the photos has been oxidised (blackened) but it is also available with a non-oxidised, shiny finish. However, please be aware that the detail in the bee is not as clearly defined with a non-oxidised finish.

Lost Wax Casting

Lost wax casting is an ancient metalsmithing technique. It is used to create duplicates of pieces, including shapes that cannot easily be made using traditional fabrication techniques.
The jeweller creates a wax model of the piece or finds an existing item and sends it off to the casting business. A plaster mould of the model is made and then filled with molten metal (sterling silver, gold, bronze etc) and allowed to cool. The jeweller then files down this master and cleans it up before returning it to the casting business to have a permanent mould made. This mould can be used to have further wax model copies made and more metal pieces cast.


I have given US size options but I am very happy to make rings in UK/Australian sizes. Just scroll down to the bottom and select 'Other - will advise' and leave me a note during checkout with your UK/Aus size.

Please note this ring is made to order. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your ring to be made.

My sterling silver jewellery is handmade in my studio in Adelaide, South Australia.